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Статьи Quick preparation of seed before planting
Quick preparation of seed before planting
Monday, 28 March 2016 23:43

This article was published on one of the popular foreign websites devoted to growing plants, flowers, vegetables. To write an article, the author has pushed the case where he has made an order in the online store. Wanting to get a small plant approach, the author made the order, but was quite surprised when I got the half order seeds. This is the same... the author suggested several ways that he used.

Seed germination in the natural environment.

Seed germination in the natural environment
Many of the seeds of plants and flowers do not require special attention, they just grow in the open ground so to speak "from scratch". For this method a lot of ingenuity is not necessary, it is enough to remember how planted rye our ancestors. Take a small handful of seeds in your hand and just throw ourselves in the loose, but try not to step on them.

In this way plant the seeds in regions where the soil for the plant is "native" i.e. the plant itself grows mainly in the same region. The best result will be if the seeds before planting to hold in the dark of pre-soaking in water for about a day.

Don't forget to study the information on the seed packets, there is useful information, for example on the most favorable climate for the cultivation of this plant, recommendations on the choice of soil etc. Often come across information about the timing of planting, flowering time, possible needs for growth and much more.

But what if seeds are very small or need to help with seed germination?

Pre-soaking seeds

Pre-soaking seeds

Soaking is used by many and I am no exception, it gives a good result. The procedure is very simple, moisture is the main impetus of the seed to start the growth process. I pour room temperature water from the kettle into a small jar and immerse in it the seeds from a bag, give to stand for 24 hours. If you leave seeds in water for a longer period - they can rot. Moisture penetrates the seed and the peel gets to the embryo, after which it begins to grow and the seed to swell.

Airtight bag or container

Here's another great way to germinate your seeds, when they are very small and need maximum results. Take the sponge, for example, for washing dishes or the like. Make a few punctures in it to the middle. Wet the sponge with warm water and lightly wring out excess, the sponge should remain dry. Immerse the seeds in the holes and put the sponge in a sealed package. Then put it all in a dark place for a day.

We wish you success in breeding!

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